While there are some specialty machines that are capable of relatively high velocity, your average run-of-the-mill helicopter can't sustain speeds much higher than 100 miles per hour. That said, because of the heli's ability to climb high into the air with cameramen packing extreme telephoto lenses, actually managing to trick a chopper pilot into losing you – in scenes sure to be played out monthly on national news channels – is another matter entirely.

So, what would it take to actually outrun a helicopter? As demonstrated by professional racer Guy Martin in the video after the break, a modern superbike has more than enough speed to do the trick. In the case of Martin's modified Suzuki GSX-R1000, which boasts a terminal velocity in excess of 200 mph, all you'd need is a road straight enough to pin the throttle for a dozen seconds or so...

All of which brings us to the Isle of Man, nestled away in the Irish Sea. Every year, legions of racers and fans line the 38-mile-long Snaefell Mountain Course to watch racers like Guy Martin test the depths of insanity as they seek to outpace their rivals on what basically amounts to closed surface streets. See what it looks like as a helicopter does its best to follow the action in the video pasted below.

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