Watch Audi R8 give Birth to RS3

In the cold light of reality, it's a fairly dubious proposition to suggest that the Audi RS3 Sportback shares much of a mechanical relationship with an R8. One of them is supercar with a snorting V10 and lithe body, while the other is a still-capable hot hatch with roots lower in the brand's range. However, marketing doesn't necessarily have to sell real life, and Audi's advertisers are nailing the emotional pull of these two models in a spot called Birth.

With dramatic music and a sci-fi aesthetic, the R8's V10 roars as the supercar stretches and deforms, and eventually the hot hatch gets plucked from its metallic loins. Regardless of how closely these two models are related, this commercial looks and sounds fantastic. With the US rumored to get the RS3 in sedan form at some point, hopefully we get a tweaked version of this ad.

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Audi A3

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