Yep, there's a Fast & Furious theme park ride

A year ago Universal Studios Hollywood registered the name "Fast & Furious Supercharged" for a theme park ride at the end of the park's Studio Tour. On June 25 of this year that ride opens with the promise of "an exhilarating high-speed chase that exceeds 120 miles per hour and catapults you into the high-stakes underworld of fast cars and international crime cartels."

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and The Rock are the good guys, Luke Evans returns to play the bad guy (from Fast & Furious 6) they've got to stop. We don't know how all of this translates into a ride, but the video below shows they put a whole lot of work into it - The Rock keeps his tactical vest on just to talk about it. The most recent movie has already passed $1.3 billion worldwide, the ride will probably keep the cash registers chiming like church bells until Furious 8 comes out.

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