Translogic 175: Motoped

Cross Between Mountain Bike And Motorcycle, Helpful For Zombie Apocalypse

Translogic heads to Kansas City, MO to take a spin on a Motoped motorized bicycle. Motorized bikes have been around for decades, but this isn't your typical Huffy-powered by a lawn mower engine. The Motoped comes in a badass Survival Edition, which can come in handy when outrunning zombies following the apocalypse.

"At our core we're really a small-engine technology company or a propulsion technology company," says Troy Covey, president of the APT Motovox Group, the company that produces the Motoped. "Motoped is a unique product. It's a cross between a motorcycle and a mountain bike. We said let's take this, let's make this a production vehicle."

Watch to see what Translogic host Jonathon Buckley, a motorcycle and bicycle enthusiast, thinks of the Motoped.


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