Tortoise gets wheels in place of injured legs, faster than ever

Mercedes-Benz made some waves with its 2015 Super Bowl spot, showing a new take on the old race between the tortoise and the hare. Now, though, a tortoise in the UK has had its speed increased in a rather different way.

After a rat chewed off her front legs while she was hibernating, Mrs. T, a roughly 90-year-old tortoise that now boasts a pair of wheels (effectively making her rear-wheel drive).

"It was like fitting her with a turbo charger – she's going double the speed she used to," owner Jude Ryder told The Telegraph. "She uses her back legs to push herself along. She seems quite happy, but it's difficult to tell with a tortoise."

The wheels were donated from a model airplane, and while Ryder claims Mrs. T took a minute to acclimate, she's not expecting the tortoise to have any long-term problems.

"She can get a good speed up, much faster than before. Mrs. T is still quite young for a tortoise. She could go on for another 50 years – all she needs is a new set of tire every now and again." Check out Mrs. T in action.

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