Petrolicious looks back at Facel Vega

Facel Vega isn't well-remembered among the great European luxury brands of the mid-20th century, which is a shame. The name might never carry the cachet of Ferrari or Aston Martin, but it certainly deserves some recognition. The idea behind some of the company's vehicles remains rather clever: take a big, Chrysler V8 engine and put it in a handsome, French grand tourer. The latest video from Petrolicious shines a much-deserved light on the old marque, while taking a look at a rare Facel II.

Made to eat up mile after mile of European motorway, the Facel II provided speed and sublime comfort for occupants. They were especially popular among celebrities, and Ringo Starr owned one with a rare, enlarged V8.

Even today, the big coupe's styling is wonderfully imposing with an upright grille dominated by several mesh-covered inlets, and the rest of the design flows together with crisp lines. Inside, the Frenchman welcomes passengers with comfy seats, but there are enough gauges and levers on the dashboard to resemble a vintage cockpit. This example belongs to restorer Jasper Beukenkamp; you can take a ride in his Facel II in the latest work from Petrolicious.

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