Hillary Clinton, the just-declared candidate for the Democratic presidential nominee, is back in Iowa this week. She's on a small-group listening tour and meeting with primary voters in a variety of settings. But the veteran politician has been making these sorts of rounds before, and so has had time to take a number of positions on at least one perennial political issue.

While it's not likely to be a deciding factor in who becomes the next President of the United States, the ethanol issue is important in Iowa. Republicans discussed the topic at the Iowa Ag Summit last month and it could play a role in the general election in 2016. Clinton has long supported using federal money to make ethanol. In Marshalltown today, she met with the co-chair of America's Renewable Future, Patty Judge, and Iowa Corn Growers board member, Bruce Rohwer. Judge said Clinton was "extremely receptive" on the subject of renewable fuels in the private meeting. Rohwer said, "I am confident future conversations will be just as positive."

But there was a time when Clinton was a US Senator that she called, in a joint statement, pending legislation to add ethanol to the national gas supply, "the equivalent of a new gasoline tax." This led The Daily Beast to call the ethanol issue Clinton's "Big Iowa Flip-Flop." The primary season is long, but for now, she seems to have flopped back towards ethanol support, as you can read in the press release from America's Renewable Future below.
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America's Renewable Future thanks Hillary Clinton for meeting with co-chair, discussing RFS

Hillary Clinton met with ARF co-chair and former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, other Democrats in Marshalltown, Iowa today.

DES MOINES-Today, former Sec. of State and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, met with Democrats to discuss her candidacy and issues important to Iowa. Included in a private meeting in Marshalltown were ARF co-chair Patty Judge and Iowa Corn Growers board member, Bruce Rohwer.

"We had the opportunity to talk about issues facing Iowa-renewable fuels being one of them," said Judge, "Sec. Clinton was extremely receptive and I feel encouraged by her comments about the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)."

Clinton supported the RFS during her initial run for president and in 2007 called for aggressive investment in renewables. "I was able to thank Sec. Clinton for her past support of the RFS and I am confident future conversations will be just as positive," said Rohwer.

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