Following last month's deadly accident at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the DMSB (Germany's governing body for motorsports) has repealed its ban on GT3 cars running at the legendary track. A number of changes were made at a meeting of the DMSB, drivers, manufacturers and race organizers, Sports Car 365 reports, focusing on the safety of both racers and spectators. "All the participants agreed that everything had to be done to avoid accidents in which spectators could be harmed. Now, we have decided to implement measures to allow these cars to race again, albeit with certain restrictions," DMSB Chairman (and general badass) Hans-Joachim Stuck said in a statement obtained by SC365.

In general, vehicles running in both VLN and Nürburgring 24 races will have their power cut by five percent everywhere on the track, while cars will be subject to a 124-mile-per-hour speed limit at locations such as Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz and Antoniusbuche, all places where cars regularly get airborne. Beyond the areas known for their jumps, the long straight, Döttinger Höhe, which is where cars enter and exit the track during Touristenfahrten, will have a 155-mph speed limit. Strangely, speed limits aren't being enacted at Pflanzgarten, another area where cars are notorious for leaving the ground.

These limits will be enforced via GPS tracking. Whether drivers will simply need to exercise some restraint with their right foot or have a dedicated setting like a pit-lane speed limiter to keep their cars below the limit, however, remains unclear. While potentially controversial, these changes might not be the only adjustments being made at the 'Ring.

"With these measures that were accepted, the events planned on the Nordschleife for the upcoming weeks can be held," Stuck said, SC365 reports. "At the same time, DMSB will closely watch the racing activities and, with a commission of experts, search for appropriate measures to ensure safe and fair motorsport action on the Nordschleife in years to come."

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