The British may be known for their civility, but the gloves appear to be off when it comes to Tesla Motors and a legal battle against UK green-energy distribution company Ecotricity. Tesla and Ecotricity are continuing to battle in court over rights to add plug-in vehicle charging stations at more than 100 roadside stops along the UK's motorways. And Tesla says it's made legal headway in recent hearings.

The scuffling, some of which was outlined in a recent Bloomberg News article, started last May, when Ecotricity sued Tesla. Ecotricity previously had talks with the California-based electric-vehicle maker over potential locations for Tesla's nascent (in the UK) Supercharger network and is now alleging that Tesla violated some non-disclosure agreements while attempting to sideskirt Ecotricity by trying to talk directly to some of the owners of the roadside stops.

Last July, Ecotricity was countersued by the automaker, which says that Ecotricity's efforts to control charging-station distribution on the motorways restricts competition and is bad for the Britain's growing plug-in vehicle market.

"Ecotricity is attempting to enforce a monopoly on key charging locations in the UK, against the best interests of the public," Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes wrote in a statement e-mailed to AutoblogGreen. "Tesla believes that consumers are far better off if there is competition on these sites. With respect to last week's interim hearing, the vast majority of disputed issues were decided in Tesla's favor."

Tesla has eight Supercharger stations in and around London with another dozen or so scattered throughout the UK, according to its website. The company's case against Ecotricity is expected to go to trial next January.

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