"Rubbin', son, is racin'." Those are the immortal words of Harry Hodge, played by Robert Duvall in Days of Thunder. And that may very well be the case in NASCAR, but in open wheels, it's another story altogether. There's no rubbin', because rubbin' would lead to both cars breaking something. That's not to say, however, that spins and spills don't happen in single seaters. Even the occasional jump, as you can see in this brief clip.

Shot at Goodwood during the 73rd Members' Meeting that took place there laste weekend, this short clip shows what appear to be classic pre-aero circa 1960s Formula One racers pouring into a corner. But when wheels rub wheels, they don't simply bounce off one another or bust their delicate suspensions. One car goes airborne and skips over the other, with what looks like mere inches to spare. It's amazing either car was still running afterwards, but more than that, that nobody was hurt.

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