Italy is known as a world hub of great design, whether from finally crafted suits and shoes or screaming V8s from Ferrari. In its latest video, Petrolicious transitions to two wheels to focus on a man bringing the country's sophisticated style to some quintessentially German cycles.

Calling Franco Augello a motorcycle customizer is almost a slander against his work. Instead of wild paint, heavily modified frames and serious engine upgrades, Augello's creations look more like high-end models from the original factory. His bespoke BMW R65 for a close friend is a perfect example of that craftsmanship. At first glance, the bike, which he calls the Inge 09 for his buddy's nickname, looks like a vintage BMW, albeit one in great shape. Looking closer, you can start picking out little details like the minimalist touches around the fuel filler and leather-wrapped grips.

There's nothing flashy about Augello's bikes. Instead, his designs look like well-restored cycles that are more concerned with tiny improvements in some places rather than absolute authenticity. They offer all of the beauty of a Ermenegildo Zegna tailored suit with the ability to fire up the engine and take a ride.

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