Mini boss contradicts reports on production Superleggera, says Minor unlikely

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Mini has added to our green-beer-induced hangover with some disappointing news. The Mini Superleggera Vision Concept is not quite as confirmed as we had been led to believe. And making matters worse, the same high-ranking source that put the kibosh on confirmation of the stylish two-seater said he "doesn't see" a mini Mini.

Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer contradicted yesterday's report in an interview with Automotive News, although he certainly doesn't oppose the idea of the Superleggera Vision.

"I cannot confirm that it has been approved yet," Schwarzenbauer told AN, adding that it'd be a "great addition to the Mini range" and that he's "still pushing" for it to arrive in dealerships. That's good news for fans of yesterday's report.

Schwarzenbauer is less of a fan of a small, entry-level mini Mini, based on the Rocketman Concept. "I don't see a smaller car than the current one," the exec said.

It's long been rumored that Mini was readying a smaller, budget model that was more in line with the original Austin and Morris Minis, rather than the premium sub-compact model that BMW has been selling for the past 13 years. The company has even, allegedly, been in cahoots with Toyota to develop the new compact model. We reported as recently as January that the Anglo-Teutonic outfit and its Japanese partners would develop an entirely new platform for the Minor, although that certainly doesn't seem to be the case now.

How do you feel about this? Does Mini need to get back to its roots with the affordable, Rocketman-based Minor, or should it keep on doing what it's doing? What about the Superleggera Vision Concept? Should Mini add it as a successor to the short-lived Roadster? Have your say in Comments.

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