Jeep Chief and Wrangler Red Rock Responder teased ahead of Easter Jeep Safari

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Jeep is being coy about it's lineup for the 2015 Moab Easter Jeep Safari, releasing just a pair of shots and an exceptionally brief press release on two of the seven concepts coming to the desert later this month.

So, what can we glean from the limited assets that have been given to us? Well, as we said, we know Jeep is bringing seven vehicles to its big festival. We also know the names of two vehicles, shown above – there's the Chief and the Wrangler Red Rock Responder.

Which is which? A fair question. We're betting the second image is the Wrangler-based Red Rock Responder. As for the Chief, well, we've absolutely no idea what to expect there. Jeep's Moab concepts generally include the model name on which their based – see the Grand Cherokee Trail Warrior and Cherokee Dakar from last year, or even the Wrangler Red Rock Responder, mentioned above. There's no such moniker on the Chief.

As for the Chief's illustrated teaser image, as we said, it doesn't reveal much. The body is angular, and quite Jeep like, with squared-off wheel arches and decidedly old-school taillights.

Beyond that, though, we don't have much to go on. Expect much more not just on the Chief and Red Rock Responder, but on all seven of the concepts Jeep is bringing to Moab. The party starts on March 28 and runs until April 5. Be sure to check back then for full coverage.

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