Tony Stewart's Eldora Speedway website hacked with ISIS message

Opposites don't come much more polar than NASCAR and ISIS. But now the two have come together in one story as a speedway's website was reportedly hacked by the terrorist group.

According to USA Today, the website of the Eldora Speedway – a Rossburg, OH dirt track owned by Tony Stewart – was infiltrated this past Saturday by hackers who left the message: "Hacked by Islamic State. We Are Everywhere :)"

While the smiley face may not seem to be in keeping with the murderous militia known for beheading anyone it deems an "infidel," it would hardly be the first website hacked by the group. This was apparently just one of several websites hacked in the Cincinnati-Dayton area. The message reportedly appeared on the speedway's site for less than half an hour before track officials took it down, with no fan or customer information said to have been compromised.

Informed of the event, Tony Stewart was quoted by USA Today as saying "Seriously? I guess we're a big enough blip on the radar now if we've gotten their attention. Maybe we can get them season passes. If there's anybody I'd want mad at me, I guess it would be them." Given the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people ISIS has killed in the most brutal of fashions, we're not sure we'd agree, but good of Tony to take it all in stride.

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