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SsangYong gets stylish with new Tivoli crossover

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In the past, you might have only known SsangYong as the company responsible for The Ugliest Cars In The World, but recently, the Korean automaker has been trying a little harder to be more modern and, well, competitive. The company's latest offering is this, the Tivoli crossover, making its debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

It's not really what we'd call pretty, but it's certainly not bad. It kind of looks like the weird, three-way lovechild of a Chevy Trax, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Kia Soul. It's a B-segment crossover, available with front- or all-wheel drive, riding on 16- or 18-inch wheels. We particularly like the black-and-red scheme of the showcar pictured here, on its larger rollers.

Two engines are available: a 1.6-liter gas powerplant with 126 horsepower, or an oil-burning, 1.6-liter diesel mill with 110 hp. Six-speed manual and automatic transmissions are available with either setup. SsangYong has even incorporated a "Smart Steer" system with adjustable driving modes – Normal, Comfort and Sport.

Inside, buyers can choose between cloth or leather upholstery, and as you can see in SsangYong's exhaustive press release below, the Tivoli is packed with all of the necessary technology and creature comforts to make it competitive in this important segment. Scroll down to see the full details, and get a look at SsangYong's modern future in the gallery, above.

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- New B-segment SUV for the smart user requiring individuality, space and practicality
- Featuring a strong, tough and dynamic urban style
- Class-leading safety including seven airbags, and comprehensive levels of equipment
- 1.6 litre petrol & 1.6 litre diesel Euro 6 engines
- 2-wheel & 4-wheel drive

With its dynamic urban design, Tivoli is an all-new B-segment SUV using a monocoque construction, and based on SsangYong's development philosophy of Robust, Specialty and Premium. It features an all new platform, new body and two new engines, and competes in the global compact SUV market with its European styling, class leading levels of safety, interior space, equipment and options.

Tivoli offers the fusion of great design and sensible practicality and convenience, and will attract the style conscious customer who seeks form and function from their new car.

The growing trend to downsize to smaller vehicles especially in Europe where value for money is increasingly sought, is the result of continuing economic pressure and enforced regulation around the world. This has led to the compact SUV segment accounting for 20% of the total SUV market in 2014, and is expected to continue to grow.

The global trend has been towards increasing demand for eco-friendly and highly fuel-efficient cars, and to meet this, Tivoli offers highly competitive fuel economy and CO2 emission levels. SsangYong will therefore be able to compete with the major automotive manufacturers and increase its market share, not just in the SUV B-segment but also in the whole SUV market including Europe.

Tivoli is the first new model to be launched following the merger of SsangYong and Mahindra & Mahindra. Resulting from 42 months of development and an investment of 350 billion Korean won (280 million Euros), the car will compete strongly on design and reliability, safety, interior space, practicality, as well as and the availability of all-wheel drive which will differentiate it from other SUVs in the sector.

Drawing on the company's considerable expertise in designing and manufacturing diesel engines, the new 1.6 litre eXDi160 diesel unit offers strong performance, and is also environmentally clean and quiet. There is also a newly developed 1.6 litre e-XGI160 petrol engine designed for fuel efficiency, and both engines can be combined with the choice of manual or automatic transmission, and either a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive system.

Passenger safety has been a top priority for this car, and Tivoli offers best in class standards by including seven airbags - front passenger, side and curtain airbags plus a driver's knee airbag. There is also multi-function ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Active Rollover Protection, Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist and ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), a tyre pressure monitoring system and a warning reminder on all five seat belt positions.

For those customers needing practicality, Tivoli provides one of the largest cabins and boot volumes in its class, while also offering a generous number of storage spaces. Particularly for the younger driver, there's the opportunity for individualisation with the ability to change the background colour of the instrument cluster to any of six colours. There are eight attractive exterior colours which can be teamed with either a beige or black interior, the choice of cloth, TPU/cloth or leather upholstery, and also an exciting red interior colourway which is also available as a special option. Thanks to its Smart Steer system, there's further choice with three different steering settings available.

Tivoli went on sale in Korea in January this year, and receives its international debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The petrol powered Tivoli will go on sale in Europe and globally from May, and the diesel and 4-wheel drive derivatives in July.


This all-new car takes its name from Tivoli, the Italian town near Rome with a reputation for style. Noted for its cultural heritage and beautiful location, the gardens at Villa d'Este have inspired others to use the name, including the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. For SsangYong, the new Tivoli is designed to provide inspiration and excitement with style and performance.


Exterior design

Under development for the past three years and seen as a series of five XIV concept cars exhibited at four recent international motor shows, Tivoli features a dynamic, urban look with a contemporary silhouette, and embodies the rhythmical motion of SsangYong's design language, 'Nature-born 3 Motion' - Rhythmical, Dynamic and Dignified.

Inspired by contemporary city architecture, the car's beautiful lines also reflect the fluidity found in nature.

The front of the car conveys a strong and purposeful look. The width is emphasised by its slim-line grille through to the headlights, which together have been inspired by a bird's wings in flight.

While the front bumper communicates strength, particularly emphasised by its dynamic air intake, the bonnet line is softer in character and stretches widely.

In profile, the car's rhythmical character flows through to the rear bumper to give a voluminous and strong stance, complemented by 16" or 18" alloy or 18" diamond cut wheels.

The wide C pillar is another design cue endorsing SsangYong's reputation for strong, powerful SUVs, while the chrome line detailing that flows from around the rear door, across the front door, and around the rear of the bonnet imbues Tivoli with a premium and sporting tone.

At the rear, the balanced and well-proportioned look continues Tivoli's confident, youthful image, with the rhythm continuing through the rear light units to link the side and rear in harmony. The rear bumper provides a strong base, above which sits the wide opening tailgate, and below, the centrally mounted rear fog lamp.

Interior design & space

The interior offers the modernity of a luxurious living space, with a stylish and contemporary look. Designed to offer driver and passengers easy connectivity to their IT devices, it also brings style, practicality and plenty of storage space. In fact, the interior width of 1,795mm makes Tivoli one of the widest in its class. The compact yet deluxe interior also gives class-leading inner space and storage, and the width of the central fascia is accentuated, again by a look inspired by the shape of a bird's outstretched wing.

An ergonomically designed D-shaped sports steering wheel affords optimised grip, while the premium leather covering gives a premium, tactile feel. The heating function also helps to warm the driver's hands in winter.

The cylindrical-shaped instruments enhance the driver's focus and motoring pleasure, while for the first time in this class, the cluster illumination can be personalised to any of six subtle background colours: red, blue, sky-blue, yellow, white and black.

Semi-bucket style seats are ergonomically formed with two levels of firmness to provide superb comfort and postural stability while driving and especially when cornering.

Designed with passengers' complete comfort in mind, the car seat function and materials have been carefully selected to create a sports car look and feel: reclining and adjustable, with premium touch materials with a quality quilt stitch design for an air of exclusivity.

The driver's seat is also ventilated, and controlled via a two-speed fan to keep the driver comfortable in hot weather.

The generous luggage space of up to 423 cubic litres is enough to carry three full size golf club bags, and the second row of seats can also be folded fully flat for further carrying capacity.

The second row seats are inclined at an angle of 27.5 degrees, and the virtually flat floor ensures rear seat passenger comfort even on long journeys. The rear seats also offer various folding combinations including fully level and a 60:40 division. Tivoli also provides numerous storage spaces in different parts of the car including the centre console which is large enough for an iPad, the glove box and inner tray, an open tray and luggage tray. There's also space to carry a 1.5 litre drinks bottle in each of the front and rear door side pockets.

Colour palette

With the younger owner particularly in mind, Tivoli comes with a choice of eight exciting exterior colours, and five two-tone body and roof colour combinations to ensure style and individuality.

For the interior there's the choice of either natural beige or black, and both colourways can be teamed with deluxe cloth, TPU and cloth, or genuine luxurious leather.

As a further option, a red leather interior gives a sporty, confident look, which with premium quality red leather for the seats, door trim and centre console, harmoniously matches with the sports-style D-cut steering wheel.



The new powertrain of the Tivoli has been designed to be compact, highly efficient and reliable. In development for over three years, the car has been tested from minus 42 degrees in winter to desert temperatures of over 50 degrees, and with brake testing in mountain altitudes of up to 4,000 metres.

Both engines comply with the Euro 6 emission standard. The 128ps e-XGi160 petrol engine provides optimised driving efficiency and the 115ps e-XDi160 diesel engine is aimed at delivering a powerful performance. The car has also been tested to the German DIN standard for quality and reliability, the same testing procedure used by premium European car manufacturers.

The newly developed e-XGi160 petrol engine delivers up to 128ps/6,000rpm max power with 160Nm/4,600 rpm max torque, offering optimised performance for both urban and motorway driving with excellent NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) characteristics, while the e-XDi160 diesel engine produces 115ps/3,400~4,000rpm max power with 300Nm/1,500~2,500rpm for a powerful and sporty driving performance.

Both petrol and diesel engines with manual transmission come with ISG (Idle Stop & Go) to meet the demand for low CO2 emission levels. The 1.6 litre petrol engine with two wheel drive and manual transmission achieves 149g/km (with Idle Stop & Go), and 154g/km without.

The 1.6 litre diesel engine will be launched within the next few months, and has a target CO2 emission level of 109g/km (based on 2 wheel drive manual with Idle Stop & Go), and 115g/km without this feature.

A variable induction system on the e-XGi160 petrol engine optimises fuel efficiency to deliver maximum performance in daily driving.

Other notable features include an advanced timing chain to limit engine noise, and the application of an aluminum bed plate with high press die-casting to the bottom section of cylinder block to reduce weight, noise and vibration while increasing engine strength and durability.

Two transmissions are also offered. The 6-speed manual transmission is engineered to perform at a low to mid speed range for optimal fuel efficiency and progressive acceleration for daily driving, with minimised noise and vibration thanks to the advanced gear tooth design.

An AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission is also available. Already well proven, this unit is engineered to improve fuel efficiency with minimal power loss, and provide smooth, dynamic gear changing for comfortable driving and enhanced acceleration response, thanks to its Quick Shift Control and optimised gear ratios.

Ride & Handling

Smart Steer

The Smart Steer system offers three different steering modes - Normal, Comfort and Sport.

Depending on preference, the driver can adjust the steering feel according to the driving conditions, and offers different settings for safe, comfortable steering when parking, slow speed and stop/start city driving, or high-speed motorway cruising.

Tivoli is also fitted with an electronic power steering system which helps reduce steering effort while also minimising power consumption by ensuring that the motor is only activated as required.

Suspension & NVH

The Tivoli is equipped with McPherson struts to the front wheels, which for greater strength and safety are mounted to a front sub-frame, with coil springs providing supreme ride comfort and high speed stability.

For the rear wheels, there is Torsion beam suspension with rear mounted springs, which is light yet durable, affording smooth and stable driving. For cars fitted with 4-wheel drive, there is multi-link suspension.

An insulated double skin bulkhead between the engine bay and cabin, also minimises the ingress of engine noise.

Smart 4-wheel drive

Drawing on SsangYong's 4x4 DNA, the option of a smart 4-wheel drive system will be available later this year. The electronically controlled on-demand system distributes power to front and rear drive shafts, and automatically adjusts to the road surface and driving conditions to optimise performance.

In normal driving, the drive system distributes all power to the front wheels to enhance fuel efficiency, and automatically adapts to 4-wheel drive in snow or wet, slippery conditions, by diverting power to the rear wheels as well to ensure driving stability. For increased stability and reassurance, particularly when driving on a hill or slope, the 4-wheel drive operates with Hill Start Assist, which helps by delivering power to any wheels that are spinning. And for optimised braking performance, ESP and ABS also control the 4x4 system for greater safety.

Off-road capability

With its advanced 4-wheel drive system - a feature not generally found in this segment of the market - Tivoli also offers a highly competent off-road capability. With a 167mm ground clearance, approach angle of 20.8 degrees, 28.0 degree departure angle, and 18.7 degree ramp angle, a highly effective performance off road is assured.


Active safety

Tivoli is built to an extremely high level of strength and safety, and 71.4% of its body construction uses HSS (High Strength Steel) of which some 40% comprises AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel). To minimise collision impact, 10 major areas on the car are strengthened using the 'Hot Press Forming' process, where the strength of the steel is increased to 1500Mpa compared to plain steel with a strength of 590Mpa.

Other key safety features include Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which constantly checks a host of functions - vehicle speed and balance, engine power, pedal use and steering angle, and controls the engine and brakes when a driver begins to lose control due to weather conditions or sudden cornering.

The Active Roll over Protection (ARP) and Brake Assist System (BAS) prevent a vehicle from rolling over when cornering suddenly at high speed, and increases the braking force when a driver is unable to apply sufficient pressure on the brake pedal in an emergency situation.

EBD-ABS (Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Anti-lock Brake System) distributes the braking force of the front and rear wheels according to the number passengers and load weight, while the Full Traction Control System prevents tyre slip by controlling the brakes and engine.

In addition, there are other safety features such as Hill Start Assist - see above, and Emergency Stop Signal which activates the hazard warning lights when braking hard in an emergency to prevent a collision.

Passive safety

SsangYong places great emphasis on safety, and to maximise passenger protection, Tivoli comes equipped with seven airbags: dual front airbags and driver knee airbag, and side & curtain airbags for side protection. There's an advanced Safety Restraint System to keep passengers safely in their seats in a collision, and dual pretensioners which automatically tightened the seat belt to help restrain passengers during an impact.

Tivoli achieved the best safety rating in the Advanced European Mobile Deformable Barrier test, which tests protection levels from a side collision, and the most vulnerable angle.

Further safety items include a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to immediately alert the driver to any changes in tyre condition, LED daytime running lights for improved visibility, and an audible warning if any of the five seat belts remain unfastened when the seats are occupied. Projection headlights are fitted as a standard, and 25 Watt HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are also available as an option for even better illumination and safer driving at night.


To guarantee quality and competitive performance during normal driving conditions, SsangYong offers Tivoli with a highly competitive 5 year/100,000km warranty for Europe, which is considerably more than other cars in this class. See note.


Tivoli offers occupants all the advantages of an SUV with the comforts and convenience of a saloon car. Its wide interior space for passengers in the front and rear makes Tivoli the perfect vehicle for everyday use and leisure activity.

The digital-dual zone automatic air conditioning system keeps passengers feeling fresh throughout their journey by constantly monitoring the outside temperature and humidity, while front seat occupants can also adjust the temperature to their individual requirements. Moreover, manual air conditioning can be adjusted to seven different levels for the driver's seat, and Tivoli offers a two level ventilated seat for added pleasure when driving. This is a first in its segment.

To further enhance driving comfort in cold weather conditions, the car comes with heated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

Tivoli is equipped with the choice of a newly designed MP3 audio system and a 7" hi resolution audio system. A USB/AUX port enables users to stream content from their external audio devices, while Bluetooth hands-free affords safe use of a mobile phone on the move. Passengers can also use their iPod and iPhone thanks to the iPod connection. Passengers can enjoy travelling with confidence using the Tom-Tom 7" navigation screen, which is linked to the rearview camera.

Ease of locking and unlocking is achieved with the latest folding key design with a remote control function, while a smart key system is also available as an option. A red illuminated instrument cluster is fitted as standard and a supervision cluster available as option, along with high visibility LCD displays for the trip computer, gear shift indicator, outside temperature, tyre pressure and other important information.

Tivoli allows the driver to change the colour of the instrument cluster depending on their mood with a choice of six colours (red, blue, yellow, sky blue, white and black), day and night. There's also interior mood lighting at the base of the door trim and central fascia to create a calming environment at night.

Tivoli is equipped with two parking sensors at the front and four to the rear to aid safe and convenient parking.

Additional standard convenience features include one-touch triple indicator signaling, one-touch automatic windscreen wash/wipe, cruise control (speeds can be set between 36 - 150km/h), rain sensing wipers, automatic headlight activation, and an ECM interior rear view mirror.

Note: Specification and equipment described varies according to the market



128ps 1.6-litre e-XGi160 petrol engine
115ps 1.6-litre e-XDi160 diesel engine with carbon dioxide particulate filter (CDPF)
Active AWD system with lock mode
6-speed manual transmission with gear change indicator
6-speed automatic transmission with manual gear change selection
Macpherson strut front suspension
Torsion-beam rear suspension
Multi-link rear suspension (with Active AWD system)
Electric power steering (EPS)
Voltage stabiliser
Fuel tank - 47 litre capacity
Smart Steer system (normal, comfort and sport mode)
Idle, stop & go (ISG) system with manual transmission


6-way powered driver's seat
Height adjustable driver's seat
60:40 split folding rear seats with fold down central armrest
Leather upholstery - rear seats with fold down central armrest
Red-coloured leather upholstery
Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and cloth combination upholstery
Woven cloth upholstery
Ventilated driver's seat
Heated front seats
Adjustable front seat headrests

Climate control

Fully automatic air conditioning with dual zone, temperature sensor and digital display
Manual air conditioning with maximum air conditioning function
Rear heating duct to optimise climate control throughout the vehicle
Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater for diesel engine

Style and finish

Piano-black style radiator grill
Bright chrome molding on door caps and bonnet edge
Solar controlled glasses - windscreen and front door windows
Privacy glass for rear door windows and tailgate
Styled roof rails
Sports rear spoiler with high mounted LED stop light
18" alloy wheels with 215/45R tyres - diamond cut
18" alloy wheels with 215/45R tyres
16" alloy wheels with 205/60R tyres
16" steel wheels with 205/60R tyres
Puncture repair kit
125/80R16 emergency spare tyre
Leather steering wheel trim
Urethane steering wheel trim
Silver accented instrument panel with beige and black interior
Silver and red accented instrument panel with red interior
Floor mats
Level adjustable projection headlights
Level adjustable HID headlights
LED daytime running lights
Combined rear light units with LED side and brake lights
Two-tone lower mouldings
Body colour exterior door handles
Hybrid wiper blades
Interior chrome door handles
Stainless steel front door kick plates
Two-tone special exterior finish
Mood lighting on door trim and central fascia


Super vision instrument cluster with a choice of six colour options
LED indicator repeater lights on exterior mirrors
Electronic cruise control
2-din audio system with MP3 player and iPod / iPhone connector (with RDS)
7" high-resolution touch screen with audio streaming and link to rear view camera
TomTom 7" navigation system with link to rear view camera and audio streaming
USB memory slot, Aux. port and HDMI port
Bluetooth hands-free
Roof mounted radio antenna
One-touch, triple signal indicators
Heated rear window with defrost timer for pre-vehicle starting
Powered safety sunroof - slide & tilt - and roof blind
Safety powered windows
Folding key with panic alarm
Remote keyless entry system
Dual smart key with electronic steering column lock
Six speakers including two tweeters for high level sound output
Steering wheel mounted audio controls
Trip computer with outside temperature gauge
12V DC power outlets beneath the instrument panel
Exterior mirrors - electrically adjusted, folded & heated
Automatic headlight activation and rain sensing wipers
Portable ashtray
Digital clock
Dual gas filled tailgate struts
Centre storage console
Tailgate mounted handgrip for easy closing
Cup holders - front and rear deluxe seats
Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirror
Luggage cover and load net
Toolbox located in the load area
Electronic tailgate opening release switch
Manual tilt steering wheel
Heated steering wheel


High integrated monocoque body structure
Door impact beams for optimal protection from side collisions
Front airbags for driver and passenger
Belt load limiters and dual pre-tensioners
Curtain airbags front and rear
Side airbags for front seat passengers
Driver's knee airbag
Passenger's airbag On / Off switch
Rear parking sensors
Front parking sensors
4-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Electronic stability program (ESP) with hydraulic brake assist (HBA), hill start assist (HSA) and active roll-over protection (ARP)
Emergency stop signal (ESS)
Ventilated front disc brakes
Rear disc brakes
Door mounted courtesy lights
Immobiliser anti-theft system
Intermittent rear wiper and washer
Hand-operated parking brake
Childproof safety locks
Automatic speed-sensing door locks
Reminder alarm with speed-sensing feature for front and rear seat belts
3-point central rear seatbelt
ISO-Fix and tether anchorage for child seat
Electro chromatic interior rearview mirror
Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

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