Police dashcam captures NJ home detonating due to gas leak

A police dashcam in Stafford Township, NJ, captured some explosive footage recently when a gas leak caused a home under renovation to blast high into the air. Firefighters and gas company employees were also already on the scene evacuating homes nearby and trying to find the source of the problem when the detonation occurred.

Fifteen people were injured in the blast. Two gas company workers who were just 20 feet away at the time were critically injured, according to The Associated Press. All but one of those harmed had left the hospital by that evening. "It knocked you off your feet, a shockwave, the concussion of it. It's something I never want to experience again," said Fire Chief Jack Johnson, who was just 50 feet away when the explosion. Nearby houses were also damaged by debris.

The blast occurred about an hour and a half after police received the first call of the leaking gas smell. The video of the incident is shocking in the way that it goes from serene residential scene to utter chaos in just a split second.

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