Corvette owner finds stolen car, but can't get it back [w/video]

It's not too uncommon to hear about owners being reunited with their stolen cars decades after reporting them missing. The story of Terry Dietrich in Georgia starts that way with police finding her lost 1972 Chevrolet Corvette after over 40 years. However, this case takes a different turn because unless she wants to bid on it, Dietrich's likely not getting the 'Vette back.

Just six months after purchasing it in 1972, Dietrich's blue Corvette was stolen in Georgia, and in 1975 the sports car found its way to a man in North Carolina. He kept the car right up until his death just a few months ago, and that's when restorer Gary Green bought the 'Vette from his widow, according to Yahoo Autos.

Unfortunately, after acquiring the Corvette, Green found some major discrepancies. For one thing, the listed VIN pointed to a '69 convertible, and there was a different serial number on the frame. Green reported the problem to the local police, and they figured out it was the 'Vette Dietrich lost over four decades ago. Consequently, the cops impounded it.

The issue now arises that while Dietrich is the victim of the theft, she isn't technically the car's last legal owner. After the Corvette was stolen, she reported the crime to her insurance company, and it paid on the claim, which essentially forfeited her ownership. To make matters slightly more confusing the company can't find the title on the 'Vette either, according to Yahoo Autos. That leaves the well preserved 'Vette sitting in a police impound lot. It will likely go to auction.

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