Momkhana goes drifting with a V8 minivan in the 'burbs

Ken Block probably never expected that he would launch countless imitators when he released Gymkhana years ago, but by now we've seen the concept broadened for everything from toy cars to Crazy Carts. The latest parody is Momkhana, and it moves the setting to the suburbs for a trip to the shoe store. Before you completely write off the idea, though, keep in mind the vehicle making the commute is a drift-happy, rear-wheel drive Toyota Sienna boasting an LS3 V8 with an estimated 550 horsepower. The significant increase in muscle certainly makes a drive to the strip mall a lot more entertaining.

In addition to the engine transplant, the minivan gets a massive handbrake to allow for big slides through the neighborhood. The clip replicates many of the classic stunts from Block's Gymkhana videos but in new, rather absurd surroundings. So instead of long, smoky donuts in a warehouse, they happen at the end of a cul-de-sac.

If you're curious to see how the video was done, Famous Footwear, which created the clip, also made a featurette showing off some of the van's preparation and filming behind the scenes.

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