Ken Block's Gymkhana parodied by Ken Box and his Crazy Cart

Do we all remember the Razor Crazy Cart? If you don't, click here, and be prepared to wonder why we didn't have toys this cool as children. For those that didn't watch the first clip, the Crazy Cart has a wheel on a castor at each corner, and an electrically powered wheel in the middle that can turn a full 360 degrees. There's also the most adorable handbrake, which allows some drifty antics. In short, the Crazy Cart might be our favorite toy of 2013.

The same two people that starred in the original Crazy Cart video from a few months ago are back, and are paying tribute to the king of the drift kings, Mr. Ken Block. With a driver zipping around the actual Razor warehouse, the video is shot much like one of Block's Gymkhana videos, and our drifter even goes so far as wearing a box around his kart which is meant to look like a certain Monster-sponsored Ford Fiesta WRC. The video is pretty funny, very well shot and is totally worth four minutes of your day. Take a look below for the full bit.

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