After swallowing eight of the most prized pieces of the collection from the National Corvette Museum, the massive sinkhole from a year ago is rapidly becoming nothing but a bad memory. Based on the museum's weekly construction update, you can barely see the remnants of the 25-foot deep hole once in the floor.

The Corvette Museum's Skydome was not always going to look like this. The original hope was to keep the sinkhole there as a tourist attraction. That plan eventually fell through, though, and instead it was decided five of the less-damaged Corvettes would remain unrestored.

Progress has been moving fast to get the repairs done. Even a month ago, the hole was still very visible, and the construction company used remote-controlled Bobcat loaders to fill it in. Now, the museum has launched a contest to guess how many tons of stone it took to fill in the massive crater. The winner gets a print of the 2009 Corvette ZR1 Blue Devil being lifted out.

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