Watch the National Corvette Museum sinkhole being filled in by R/C cars

Okay, so not exactly cars, but Bobcats - but still quite cool. You might remember that the National Corvette Museum had that little divot that needed to be filled in. Turns out the construction firm of Scott, Murphy & Daniel doing the work is using two remote-controlled Bobcats to fill the sinkhole with "manufactured sand," which in this case is crushed limestone.

It appears that the Bobcat company has offered remote operation since at least 2007 via a wireless transmitter that works up to 1,500 feet away. So yes, that means two SMD employees stand on the edge of the pit and flick joystick levers for hours at a time, one in charge of a Bobcat with a roller-compactor attachment, the other in charge of a Bobcat with a bucket. And that, to us, is a pretty good way to earn the daily bread. Check out the video above for the latest sinkhole update.

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