The great Greyp electric bicycle European tour

As Grand As You Imagine It Would Be

Most stories about bicycle trips around Europe don't include the phrases, "I passed a couple Ferarris climbing Stelvio Pass" and "I got a speeding ticket." But then again, prior to now, not many such endeavors have employed a Greyp G12 – a high-performance electric bicycle from the people behind the Rimac Concept_One battery-powered super car.

Late last summer, while some us were having modest adventures in our back yards, cooling off in the kiddie pool with the help of ice-cold adult beverages (ok, maybe that was just me), others were off on grander expeditions. In particular, one Hrvoje Jurić.

Starting from Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, Jurić undertook a 5,548-kilometer (3,447-mile) circumnavigation of Europe, passing through ten countries on a 45-day trip. The Alps offered the biggest challenge of his route, so he tackled that first. The year previous, our protagonist climbed the famed and aforementioned Stelvio Pass on a pedal-powered bicycle, taking twelve hours to ascend the 23 kilometers of (14.3 miles) of walled and twisted roadway. This time, with his bike switched to "power" mode, he conquered the immense set of switchbacks in about an hour.

Upon his return to Croatia, Jurić brought his mount back to Greyp headquarters for a thorough inspection by the company. Though he hadn't experienced any electrical/mechanical problems on his voyage, they wanted a better idea of how their baby had held up after 3,317,535 rotations of the rear wheel, and so, completely disassembled the two-wheeler. The verdict? "Everything is fine!" says Zvonimir Sučić, the outfit's head of two-wheel operations.

As well as many great memories, Jurić also received an interesting memento of the trip from the bike maker: a handcrafted swing arm mounted on a trophy plinth. If you enjoyed the video above, featuring clips from the trip and a special appearance from founder Mate Rimac, check out the bonus video below, with raw footage from the Stelvio climb.

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