'No eligible claimant has rejected compensation' says GM attorney

According to Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer and administrator contracted by General Motors to handle its ignition switch liability claims, the automaker's efforts to minimize the potential for lawsuits is working.

"So far, at least, every single eligible claimant awarded compensation has elected voluntarily to take it," Feinberg said Friday in an email to Automotive News. He added, "To my knowledge, no eligible claimant has rejected the compensation and voluntarily decided to litigate."

So far, 125 settlements have been reached, including 50 that involved deaths, and there are still a large number being processed. At the time of writing, nearly 1,300 claims had been dismissed by Feinberg and his team. The period for submitting claims ended on January 31.

Still, there are a number of lawsuits filed against GM, and considering that a staggering 25 million (give or take a few million) cars were recalled by the automaker in 2014, we're sure there will be more. Feinberg himself predicts, according to Automotive News, that lawyers will be processing claims "well into the spring" of 2015.

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