Even if you're not a rider, even if you have only a passing interest in electric vehicles of any sort, you should read this multi-part electric motorcycle primer. Why? Because electrification is a trend that's not slowing down anytime soon, and the sooner we understand the inherent differences between electric and internal combustion motivation, the better.

Think you already know everything about harnessing electrons and putting them to work? Even you might even find a few things here that you hadn't quite realized before.

Ted Dillard wrote the book on electric motorcycles. Literally. And now, motivated by a heroic-yet-inept attempt by another publication, he has written a five chapter introduction to electric motorcycles over at Inside EVs. What they are like to ride. The parts that make them go. All about lithium batteries. Regenerative braking and charging. And, finally, how to interpret specs.

It's simple enough for the lay person to understand, but comprehensive enough to cover all the basics. Beware though, upon completion you might be overwhelmed by an urge to go for a spin. Hopefully there's no snow on the roads in your neck of the woods. Ride safe.

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