Renault Twizy Delivery concept revealed on Twitter

Last month, Renault unveiled some of its recent technological innovations, including a small electric motor-inverter-charger unit and new tiny two-stroke twincharged diesel. It also mentioned, in passing, a Twizy Delivery concept, but in place of a photo, provided only a drawing of an interesting trailer setup for the French automaker's smallest electric vehicle. Now, it has Tweeted a pic of the configuration, which we share with you.

The hauling enhancement flows from the VELUD (Electric Vehicle for Sustainable Urban Logistics) project – a research effort conducted by Renault with several partners – and is meant to be a part of a Paris-based pilot program that will see the diminutive dray doing duty as a "final kilometer" solution. To accommodate the one-square-meter box on the back, the body work has been altered to replace what once was a passenger space, with a low, flat platform that allows for the hitching of what is possibly the world's shortest trailer.

While it's too early to say whether the concept will ever see production, we doubt the reimagining would help the model climb back up the sales cliff off which it's fallen. In its third year of production, it now sells dozens monthly, as opposed to hundreds during its initial roll out. In November of 2014 it only moved 149 units worldwide. Sadly, as Renault doesn't offer its wares in the US, we won't be working ourselves into a Twizy any time soon, trailer capable or otherwise.

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