Musk teases hyperloop test track for Texas, mulls pod races

In what was seen as an attempt to persuade legislators to allow Tesla to operate stores in Texas, Elon Musk visited Austin to do some political horse trading. We don't yet know how he fared, but it looks like Texas is getting a hyperloop test track out of the deal. And, it seems, the electric car mogul is mulling the creation of a pod racer competition, similar to the Formula SAE series, to go with it.

As we've mentioned before, the hyperloop is a high-speed, train-in-a-tube transportation system – think 4,000 miles per hour. Musk has released a 57-page document outlining how it might work.

The billionaire entrepreneur, as is his wont, took to Twitter to make the announcement. We note that he does use the qualifier "probably" in his statement, which leads us to believe he is expecting something in return for the unique investment. In lieu of an official press release, we leave you with his Tweetings outlining his proposals: Hyperloop Explained!

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