Auto show models getting $1,000/day to wrangle information from patrons

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show is one of the most exciting installments of the annual event in years with everything from supercar debuts to the future of electric mobility to strike visitors' fancy. If you go check out some of these new cars to admire their aluminum and carbon fiber, keep in mind the beautiful people surrounding the booths are paying close attention to what you say. In fact, it's a big part of their job.

These booth professionals are often aspiring models or actors and can earn $1,000 a day for answering visitors' questions, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, that money doesn't just come from being helpful. They're also there to gather intelligence on what potential buyers are saying about these new vehicles. "The minute the consumer leaves, the product specialist is downloading all that," said Hedy Popson to WSJ. She employs hundreds of models to work at the big shows. The companions create daily summaries and reports after an event to give automakers an idea of what potential buyers thought.

With the auto market booming again, companies are also doubling the number of spokespeople on the floor of major shows, and with confidence growing, you can expect the female booth professionals to be dressed in more alluring clothing than before. "It's time to have fun again," said Popson to the WSJ.

Clothing can become a whole separate issue, though. Other events around the world have already set dress codes for spokespeople, like in Belgium. China's upcoming motor show is even considering banning female models entirely.

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