Visitors to the upcoming Brussels Motor Show – which starts January 11, and is expected to draw some 350,000 visitors – will have to focus all of their attention on the vehicles this year, as event organizers have asked the automakers to keep the eye-candy "appropriately dressed" on the show's floor and exhibits.

Apparently, there were reports of lewd behavior (by male visitors, not the models) at last year's event. This prompted Joelle Milquet, Belgium's equal opportunities minister, to fire off a letter to Belgian car federation Febiac, the company behind the event. "A motor show is a place where you go with your family, we have to question the stereotypes we are passing on to children and young adults," Milquet wrote.

It seems that the spokesmodel's attire is coming under attack quite a bit these days. As you may recall, the Belgian minister's actions come on the heels of Chinese authorities chastising the Beijing Motor Show over its scantily clad models at its most recent event. Does this mean SEMA will eventually become a family-friendly event too?

What do you think – Should automakers stop bringing so-called booth professionals to auto shows?

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