VW Golf R pre-order sells out in less than 11 hours

  • Image Credit: Seyth Miersma
Volkswagen fans had to be pretty quick if they wanted to ensure their pre-order for one of the first 500 units of the 2015 Golf R to enter the US. The German brand opened the books online at at 12:01 AM EST, and according to company spokesperson Leigh Anne Sessions speaking to Autoblog, by around 10:30 AM EST all of them were snapped up.

VW's pre-order page currently shows these vehicles as no longer available, and the company confirms the news on Twitter, as well. There's still a chance to get an early Golf R by signing up for the waiting list and hoping one of the 500 orders falls through. VW Customer Care will contact people if there's an opening.

This entire allotment of the Golf R comes in Lapiz Blue Metallic paint with VW's adaptive damper system, navigation, a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox and more. To further sweeten the pot, the company is also giving these folks a watch, key chain and certificate with their vehicle's VIN. The 500 models were priced at $39,090, plus $820 destination and delivery, but only $500 was required to reserve one online. The amount was refundable if a person backed out.

Volkswagen Golf R Information

Volkswagen Golf R

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