This insane Barris-like custom car is a backyard BMW Z3 build

This is the second car made by Englishman Paul Bacon and it's called the Cosmotron, fashioned over 18 months in his backyard shed. Underneath that Jetsons bubble canopy and swinging-sixties body are the bones of a 1998 BMW Z3 with a 2.8-liter inline-six. Bacon stripped the roadster down, then built it back up using fiberglass laid over polystyrene foam, and leather hand-stitched by his wife.

Bacon said he remembers how we were told that 21st-century cars would look like the Cosmotron, and since they don't, he had to fix the error. The list of 20th-century add-ons, however, is impressive, like the six SU carburetors topped off with department-store salt and pepper shakers, and the rear grille decorated with shiny plastic tops from moisturizer bottles.

After driving the Cosmotron for two years, Bacon sold it to get ready for his third project. You can hear Bacon and the new buyer tell their stories in the video above.

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