Formula One race cars aren't design to be pretty. They're designed to be fast. Sometimes, though, that renders a more or less aesthetically pleasing form, depending largely (these days) on what the teams' aerodynamicists cook up. But this past season, many of the cars were seen as downright ugly, if not obscene. That largely came down to the shape of the nose cones, but for next year that problem is being fixed.

Of course, the FIA is hardly any more concerned about the visual impact of an F1 car than their manufacturers are, but the motorsport governing body has fine-tuned regulations for next season so that the front sections are safer and provide better impact protection in the event of a crash – something which, let's face it, happens all the time in F1, and often at very high velocities. The upshot is that the cars being prepared for the 2015 Formula One World Championship promise to do away with those awkward nose cones, and hopefully, they'll be easier to look at for racing fans in the process.

Watch the video above with motorsport journalists Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough for a breakdown of the relevant section of the new regulations.

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