Women fight off off-duty police officer after alleged fender bender

A not-safe-for-work video has emerged of a rather serious altercation between an off-duty officer for the San Jose Police Department and a pair of local women, as police forces across the country face increased scrutiny over allegations of excessive force.

In this particular case, the women allegedly rear-ended the off-duty officer's car, leading to the altercation caught on video. According to LiveLeak, which posted the video, the officer never presented a badge and that "San Jose police are notorious for this type of behavior." The officer followed the woman after the crash and attempted to detain her until uniformed could arrive. Based on this video, though, his efforts meant with questionable success. Eventually the woman's sister intervened, and they both managed to get away.

KPIX5, the Bay Area CBS affiliate, confirmed that the man in question was in fact an officer, and that his "use of force" was investigated " at the scene with supervisor oversight," SJPD Sgt. Heather Randol said.

"During the altercation the female suspect assaulted the officer. She eventually ran to her car and drove away," Randol said, clarifying that the assault in question involved the women allegedly biting the officer.

Both women have misdemeanor warrants for hit and run and using force against an officer, Sgt. Randol told KPIX.

Now, as we often hazard in situations like this, we can't be at all certain of what went down before the video started rolling. That means we can't be judge, jury and executioner for the actions of either the women or the officer. Still, take a look at the video and let us know what you think. And be warned, there's plenty of foul language.

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