The family of the late Paul Walker is reportedly filing suit against the family of his friend and collaborator Roger Rodas with whom he perished in a Porsche Carrera GT crash late last year. But the suit isn't to assign blame or award damages for the fatalities – it's for the cars the two late enthusiasts had collected together.

According to the news broken by TMZ and cited in a report from the UK's Daily Mail, Walker and Rodas were co-owners of the Always Evolving car shop in Valencia, CA, where they housed a collection of more than 30 cars. Those cars, according to Paul Walker III, belonged in part if not in full to his son, the late actor whose full name was Paul William Walker IV. The collection is said to be worth $1.8 million, and the elder Walker is demanding that the family of Roger Rodas either hand over the cars or pay the Walkers their equivalent value.

Since the Rodas family has reportedly rejected the claim, it's going to court for resolution. Some of the vehicles in question, however, may have already been sold.

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