Mazda de Mexico celebrates 100,000th car built

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Automakers and their factories celebrate production milestones all the time. Some are interesting enough to report on and some aren't, but what makes this one stand out is that the plant opened less than a year ago.

Just 11 months since production began, Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation has put together its 100,000th vehicle – in this case a Mazda2 hatchback headed for Europe. MMVO is one of three plants assembling the company's smallest model, also known as the Demio in Japan, where it is also produced, with additional assembly taking place in Thailand under a joint venture with Ford. The Mexican location also handles assembly of the Mazda3 for the Americas and for Europe.

Mazda has announced that it is expanding production at MMVO by 150 percent of this year's capacity to 250,000 units per year by March 2016 as it takes on contract manufacturing for Toyota as well.

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