Lexus still weighing convertible prospects [w/poll]

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Lexus dealers may be clamoring more for a three-row crossover than a two-door convertible, but as far as the automaker itself is concerned, the prospect of a droptop is not out of the question.

In fact, according to the latest report from Automotive News, Lexus is currently considering two alternative proposals for adding a new convertible to its lineup. One would be based on the LF-C2 concept showcased at the LA Auto Show last month and take the form of an RC convertible, essentially taking the place of the outgoing IS Convertible at a relatively accessible market position. The other would essentially be a roadster version of the LF-LC sports car and take a much higher position in the company's lineup.

Lexus is reportedly evaluating whether it can justify having both convertibles in its lineup – something it hasn't done since the IS and SC convertibles briefly overlapped in 2009-10. But considering the downwards slide in sales of IS Convertibles, it would be hard to make the business case for two new ones.

So if sales of the IS Convertible have been so low, why make a new droptop altogether, you ask? A fair question, and the answer very well might come down to projecting a more youthful image and attracting younger buyers into Lexus showrooms – even if they don't ultimately buy a convertible at all. Lexus is well aware that its core customer base is aging, and is in no rush to alienate its more mature clientele, but if it's going to succeed in the long run, it's going to have to bring in younger customers.

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