Lego Technic 24 Hours Race CarThis year's motorsports season has nearly come to an end, and it's time to settle in for the long winter. If you need something to help stay busy, Lego is preparing an awesome-looking kit for endurance racing fans.

The Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car is a pastiche of Le Mans racers like the Toyota TS040 and Audi R18. Although without a fin running down the back like the contemporary top competitors and the green paint scheme, it also bares a slight resemblance to the Drayson Racing Lola from a few years ago. At 1,219 pieces, building the racer should be quite the undertaking too. The kit includes interesting features like a V8 engine with visibly moving pistons, steering, independent suspension and opening doors and engine cover. In comparison, Lego's recent Mini Cooper kit clocked in at 1,077 pieces, and the fan-made Corvette model was about 1,500.

Unfortunately, the 24-hour racer kit doesn't hit the market until sometime in 2015, according to The Brick Fan, and that means it can't be your present for this holiday season... at least not if you want to open it up on Christmas morning. Pricing has not yet been announced yet, either.

A builder on YouTube got the model early and posted a video of the entire build process. By his estimation, it measures 18.9-inches (48cm) long when complete. Check out the clip below to get a taste of this endurance racer.

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