Meet the Man Who Knows More About Shelby Cobras Than You Could Ever Imagine
Carroll Shelby is undoubtedly the father of the Shelby Cobra, but Lynn Park might be the model's reigning king. He estimates he's owned 50 Cobras in his life and judging by his garage, he doesn't part with them too easily. For its latest video, XCar Films interviews this fascinating enthusiast with the nickname Mr. Cobra.

Park caught the Cobra bug very early, but being a young man, he couldn't actually afford one. Instead, he built his own by fitting a Ford engine into an AC body and took it drag racing. A little later in life, the opportunity finally presented itself to purchase a real one, and he clearly hasn't looked back since.

Park's collection includes some ultra-rarities in the Cobra world, including one of the five FIA racecars, and one of the Dragonsnake factory-built drag racers that counts Shelby himself as an owner. However, the real treasure of Park's garage might be his role as archivist to the hobby. Being into these models early and taking an active role in the enthusiast community surrounding them, almost every surface of his building is covered in vintage photos and memorabilia. Take a tour of this stunning living museum dedicated to one of America's all-time favorite sports cars.

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