James Bond to drive Fiat 500 in next film

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After the return of James Bond's classic Aston Martin DB5 for some scenes in SkyFall, the spy with a license to kill is reportedly hopping into something much more mainstream for his next film. The upcoming Bond movie allegedly features a car chase through Rome in a Fiat 500, according to Sky News from info obtained by Italian news agency ANSA.

The Italian capital is also rumored to play host to other action scenes in the film, and shooting for these portions allegedly runs through February and March of 2015. There's no word yet whether a modern or vintage 500 would be the star, but using a current 500 Abarth could keep things exciting, although we hope James gets behind the wheel of something a bit more exciting along the way, too. Regardless of which Fiat Bond drives, it still wouldn't match the Citroën 2CV chase in For Your Eyes Only as the spy's most plebeian automotive choice.

The name for the next Bond movie isn't revealed yet, but filming is supposed to start in the coming weeks, according to Sky News. Daniel Craig returns for his fourth outing as the world's most famous fictitious spy, and Sam Mendes is reportedly in the director's chair again after helming SkyFall, as well.

FIAT 500 Information

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