We're going to go out on a cynical limb here and say that the C-1 self-balancing, enclosed motorcycle from Lit Motors won't see production in 2014, something a company representative stated would happen as recently as March of this year. Heck, 2015 seems a stretch at this point. Despite the faltering time table, it is still making progress.

While the Facebook page of the California startup recently shared some teaser clips of its latest "EP4" prototype being driven, its November newsletter brings a better bit footage, as well as some updated info. The vehicle demonstration reveals a machine that might lack the visual esthetic of the previous iteration – the video opens with a rendered teaser of revised bodywork to come – but definitely seems more capable of fulfilling its role as a developmental mule.

For insurance purposes, the EP4 is restricted to 40 mph at this time.

Fitted with more powerful gimbaled gyroscopes that we're told are capable of 6,000 pound-feet of torque, a steer-by-wire system and a set of training wheels (just in case), EP4 stands solidly on its two wheels as a driver seats herself and makes her way around a parking lot. No muss, no fuss. Though we understand the the current vehicle is capable of hitting 100 miles per hour, for insurance purposes it is restricted to 40 mph at this time.

The clip also includes the auto-balancing electric vehicle (AEV) getting a sideways tug from the company van, easily staying upright, as well as a short glimpse of founder Daniel Kim making his way through some left and right-leaned turns. You can watch the two-wheeled mule do its party tricks below.

If you're interested in putting money down to secure your place in line, the company has revised its reservation requirements. With the first 500 apparently already spoken for, $2,500 gets you a place between 500 and 1,000, while $1,000 will put you further down the line.

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