Jet-powered Peel Trident is absurdly awesome, still slow

With all of four horsepower from a 49cc engine, the Peel Trident was never going to be a fast car, even if it was sportier than the company's preceding P50. But one microcar enthusiast has apparently set out to fix this shortcoming by building a jet-powered version of the mid-60s microcar with the airplane-like canopy.
That's right, someone has gone and mounted an actual jet engine to a vehicle that's barely six feet long. Fortunately, its creator has had the good sense to build the car with four actual wheels instead of the original three, making it a bit more stable (which is probably more than we can say for the brilliantly disturbed mind that concocted this particular idea in the first place). Despite the massive power injection, the jet-powered microcar – with blue flames shooting from its glowing red turbine – still takes 23 seconds to cover the quarter mile, but we applaud the effort and the spectacle just the same.

Given that Peel hails from the British Isles, there was really only one place this little rocketman could have been spotted, and that was at Santa Pod – Britain and Europe's first permanent drag strip.

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