• Image Credit: SSG Jason Hull / US Army
  • Image Credit: CMDR Russell Sanchez / USN
  • Image Credit: SFC Michel Sauret / US Army
  • Image Credit: MC3 Chris Cavagnaro / USN
  • Image Credit: A1C Colby L. Hardin / USAF
  • Image Credit: SSG Randy Florendo / US Army
  • Image Credit: MC2 Alex King / USN
  • Image Credit: SSG John Jackson / USMC
  • Image Credit: MCS Caleb Strong / USN
  • Image Credit: MCA Kole E. Carpenter / USN
  • Image Credit: SGT Emmanuel Ramos / USMC
  • Image Credit: MC3 Scott Barnes / USN
  • Image Credit: PO2 Nicholas Tenorio / USN
  • Image Credit: PO3 Tamara Vaughn / USN
Happy Halloween! While we don't have any seasonally spooky shots in this week's crop of military photos, we do have more than a few cool shots. Up top, a member of the US Army's 82nd Airborne has some fun "testing" the new Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle. And yes, that's the military version of the Polaris MRZR ATV.

Scroll down for the highlights, or check out the full gallery of this week's best.

USS Iwo Jima Navy

This gorgeous shot shows the USS Iwo Jima, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship, patrolling at sunrise.

Army Reserve public affairs photojournalism Soldier Army Reserve U.S. Army Reserve 416 416th 416th TEC TEC Theater Engineer Command engineer photo Soldier Soldiers training engineer community Darien headquarters Area Mine Clearanace System AMCS M1271 Mine Clearing Vehicle flail medium flail system 364th Engineer Platoon Area Clearance mine clearing land mine mine field

This is the US Army's M1271, a mine-clearing vehicle. That rotating arm has 70 hammers that spin at a rate of 3,500 rpm, allowing safe destruction of land mines.

CVN 73 Carrier GW USS George Washington Republic of Korea ROK U.S. Navy

A US Navy E-2C Hawkeye prepares for launch from the USS George Washington. The GW and its carrier air wing are currently patrolling the waters of the Pacific and Asia.

EXERCISE VIGILANT SHIELD FTX 2014 VIGILANT SHIELD Field Training Exercise 2014 VIGILANT SHIELD Field Training Exercise 15 VIGILANT SHIELD 15 Combat Camera CTCS 5 Wing Goose Bay U.S. Northern Command USNORTHCOM CANR Canadian NORAD Region NORAD 52 Combat Communications Squadron 52 CBCS Robins Air Force Base Georgia North American Aerospace Defense Command CJOC U.S. Canada bi-national United States Air Force McConnell Air Force Base Kansas

Exercise Vigilant Shield is still ongoing, as evidenced by these shots, showing a pair of Canadian CF-18 Hornets flying alongside a US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker in the skies above Newfoundland and Labrador.

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