Renault's sustainability mobility website is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The site focuses on electric and hybrid cars, cycling, public transport as well as policy and events regarding getting around in a clean, green way. It also features a monthly forum where scientists, bloggers, politicians and other experts weigh in on sustainable transport. Visit the website, or read more in the press release below.

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde wants to turn Beijing's smog into jewelry. Roosegaarde plans to capture particulate matter from a park using a giant air purifier, then turn it into gems. This would give the particular park the cleanest air in the city. The smog gems would them be set in rings and sold. Each ring would represent 1,000 cubic meters of clean air in Beijing. Read more at Treehugger.

A study commissioned by the EU shows that onshore wind electricity is cheaper than natural gas, nuclear and coal power. The study takes into account climate change, human health and the like for a more complete total cost of energy production. The study found that the cost per megawatt-hour is about $133 for onshore wind, $235 for offshore wind, $168 for nuclear, $207 for gas, $274 for photovoltaic and between $205 and $295 for coal. European Wind Energy Association's deputy CEO Justin Wilkes says, "Not only does the Commission's report show the alarming cost of coal but it also presents onshore wind as both cheaper and more environmentally-friendly." Read more at Domestic Fuel.

The US Department of Energy is offering $14 million in funding toward landscape design projects for cellulosic feedstock. The DOE wants landscape designs that incorporate the bioenergy resources into agricultural and forestry systems already in place. It targets high-impact, sustainable production with a goal of 1 billion gallons of biofuel a year. Applications are due January 12, with concept papers due November 11. Read more at Ethanol Producer.

IHS Technology did a complete teardown of the Tesla Model S. In two videos, IHS Technology's Senior Director of Teardown services Andrew Rassweiler talks about the findings and features of some of the car's most interesting components. The videos offer materials, specifications and analysis for the media control unit, instrument cluster, battery and more. Get to know the Model S more intimately in the videos at IHS Technology.
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Fifth anniversary for Sustainable Mobility site

The website, launched by Renault in 2009 under its wide-reaching electric-vehicle initiative, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

"The Sustainable Mobility website has become something of a showcase for new trends and alternatives in individual transport", notes Claire Martin, Vice President of CSR at Renault.

Sustainable Mobility is the first webzine on alternative transport modes to be published by an automaker. It does not revolve specifically around Renault news, and this is very much a deliberate stance: "The site highlights all forms of environment-friendly transport, regardless of who thought them up. We opted for this approach when we first put the site up five years ago, and I think it goes a long way to explaining the site's reputation today", comments site editorial manager Andréa Arima.

The site has always welcomed visitors' input. The monthly Forum feature publishes opinion from experts, researchers, bloggers, politicians and students. This month, it focuses on the site's fifth anniversary. As Ms Martin explains, "right from the outset we sensed a strong community dimension in the topic of sustainable transport, and as time goes by this definitely does seem to hold true".

Visitors to the site are invited to join forces in discussing the urban transport and energy models of the future, and to find out about new products and services capable of making transport more sustainable and affordable to all.

The site's French and English versions reach an international audience, and boast a strong social network following (more than 15,000 followers on Twitter and more than 7,600 Facebook fans).

Follow the Sustainable Mobility site:

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