Police Officer: All Frisbee Golf Players Are on Drugs

The police department in Ankeny, Iowa apologized last week after video surfaced of one of its officers questioning a motorist about his drug habits because of his interest in Frisbee golf.

In the video, the driver is being questioned by an officer during a traffic stop. The officer issues a warning to the man for driving without his headlights on and then begins to ask about the driver's interest in Frisbee golf, according to 13WhoTV.

"OK. I need you to answer me a question. Why is it that everybody that plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?" the officer asks.

When the motorist insists not everyone interested in the sport smokes marijuana, the officer persists. He asks about the driver's drug use, which the driver refuses to answer. The officer makes it clear the driver is free to go, but then continues asking questions, trying to lead the driver into allowing him to search his vehicle.

"You understand you're free to go and everything, but you wouldn't have a problem with me looking through your car?" the officer asks.

"I actually would," the driver responds. "Just because I have a disc golf bag doesn't mean that every disc golfer does have weed."

"So you have weed in the car then is what you're saying?" the officer asks again.

The officer eventually lets the driver leave. If the officer had searched the man's vehicle it would have been an illegal search, rendering any evidence found useless. The city of Ankeny released a statement calling the police officer's actions "...foolish and not representative of the Ankeny Police Dept.`s training or interactions with the public."

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