Average day on Idaho roads. (Shutterstock)
A new survey suggests the rudest drivers in the country don't hail from big cities, but from America's heartland. While Manhattan holds more people than the entire state of Idaho, Insure.com found residents of the Gem state are the most impolite drivers of the bunch.

Respondents to the Insure.com survey said many Idaho motorists think nothing of driving 5 to 10 mph below the speed limit. When faster drivers are mixed in with the slow pokes, a lot of aggression can take place, especially on the winding rural mountain roads where more experienced drivers want to blast through.

Rudeness doesn't mean unsafe, however. Idaho has some of the cheapest auto insurance in the county, and Boise was recently named the third safest city in the nation by Allstate's 2014 America's Best Drivers Report. Residents of Boise are 28.4 percent less likely to crash compared to the national average.

Idaho topping the list is a surprise, but number two in no real shock. Though technically not a state, drivers in the District of Columbia rank as the second rudest in the nation. The nation's capital is also number one in speeding tickets per capita.

One respondent said drivers in D.C. bring their political attitudes to the road, making drivers "...self-serving, abrasive and unsafe." This attitude has led to Washingtonians crashing every 5.1 years, the third worst rate in the nation, according to Allstate.

New York showed up third on Insure.com's list of rudest drivers, with Wyoming and Massachusetts rounding out the top five.

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