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Brammo offers massive price drop on electric motorcycles

Enertia Plus Now At $6,995, Down From $10,995

  • Image Credit: Brammo
The sun may be setting on summer, but it's just rising on the best electric motorcycle deal ever. Brammo has just launched an end-of-summer promotion that chops thousands of dollars off the price tags of several of its models. If you've been mulling a move to a two-wheeled electric vehicle, this is likely the best value you will see for some time.

The Enertia Plus is the least expensive electric motorcycle you can buy.

Though the Oregon-based company likes to focus on its premier products, the Empulse and Emulse R, its Enertia Plus is a pretty sweet commuter bike. It has a simpler one-gear drivetrain and offers between 40-to-80 miles of range. Now, at $6,995 – down from $10,995 – it's the least expensive electric motorcycle you can buy.

Of course, the Empulse models are probably the best-handling and best-looking battery bike currently on the market, and with $5,000 slashed from the bottom line, they only become even more compelling. Step back in time and grab a 2013 machine and you can save an additional $2,000.

If you want to ride into summer's sunset, we suggest stopping by a dealer for a test drive. For Angelenos, that will mean a visit to Brammo's newest retailer, Hollywood Electrics. To get a good technical look at what goes into an Empulse, scroll below for video featuring the company's director of product development (and all-around nice guy) Brian Wismann explaining its workings using a cut-away model.

As a bonus, we've also thrown in an awesome video from Brammo's racing sponsor, Icon, which features a pair of prototype Empulse RR bikes enthusiastically tearing up some curvaceous blacktop in the Northwest wilds. While these machines are not available for sale at any price, we suspect something similar may make its way into the line up before too long.

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