Mich. Police Officer Saves Choking Woman During Traffic Stop

A police officer in Michigan probably never expected an outpouring of gratitude after a traffic stop, but after saving a driver's life on Saturday he is being praised as a hero.

Kalamazoo public safety officer Jason Gates pulled a woman over after she ran a red light on Saturday, according to Fox 17. Gates intended to give the driver a warning when he came up to the vehicle he saw that the driver was having trouble breathing. At first he thought the woman was trying to get out of the ticket, but quickly realized she was in real distress. The dashboard camera on his cruiser was rolling as he first tried patting her back and then delivered a quick Heimlich maneuver. After three thrusts the woman cries out, turns around and hugs the officer.

Many outlets are calling Gates a hero, but the nine-year veteran of the force hasn't let the praise go to his head.

"I just feel like I did what I'm paid to do," Gates told MLive. "I'm glad for her that I happened to be there."

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