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Uber Says Kalamazoo Driver Had 4.73 Rating, Completed Over 100 Rides

We learned more about the Kalamazoo shooting suspect today, including that he passed Uber's background check, had a rating of 4.73 out of 5, and gave over 100 rides.

Kalamazoo shooter picked up Uber fares between killings

Jason Dalton, the man police have identified as their only suspect in the Kalamazoo rampage that left six dead and two more seriously injured, was an Uber driver who picked up fares in between shootings.

Fireworks truck explodes in massive Michigan pileup of 100+ vehicles

A fireworks truck was involved in a deadly pileup in western Michigan that claimed over 100 vehicles, left one person dead and many more injured.

Two Wheels
Fido electric scooter is fetching, faithful to simplicity formula

Hot diggity dog, Fido is back! The people that brought us that bare bones electric scooter we found so fetching a few years back have resurfaced across the country in Kalamazoo, MI and will start sinking their canines into the business of building bikes, just as soon as they reco

Cop Saves Woman From Choking During Traffic Stop

Dashboard camera catches cop's life-saving moves

A police officer in Michigan probably never expected an outpouring of gratitude after a traffic stop, but after saving a driver's life on Saturday he is being praised as a hero.

Michigan's first biodiesel plant set for Bangor

The cover of today's Kalamazoo Gazette is dominated by a story on Michigan's first large-scale biodiesel plant, which will be opened in Bangor later this year and produce 10 million gallons a year. The article contains a lot of the same pro-alternative memes as recent articles we've pointed to recently – energy independence through biofuels, farmers produce and use the fuels, and