There are any number of ways to experience the 24 Hours of Le Mans. You can watch it on TV or online. You can attend in person. You can follow it on Twitter. You can even catch the recap of it here on Autoblog. Or, compared to all of these fairly modern methods, you can go old school and analyze the race in pictures.

That doesn't necessarily mean flipping through page after page after page in some online album, though. No, instead, you can check out the work of Camden Thrasher, a photographer that was on hand at the 2014 Le Mans race, and who captured plenty of images. He's since converted the bevy of black-and-whites he snapped and turned them into a moving-picture show.

Sure, it just looks like a choppy movie, but the way it displays the variety of images makes it feel decidedly more dramatic and interesting. Take a look at the video and see what we mean.

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