Your next new car could have an interior that changes colors

  • Image Credit: Wieck
Ever sit in a car with a black interior and wish you could change it to, say, a beige one to better suit your mood that day? Or one with a red interior that's just too garish for your tastes? Well Johnson Controls might have the answer.

According to the latest report from Automotive News, the American component manufacturer is working to develop interior surfaces that could actually change colors according to the driver's specifications – taking the idea of adjustable ambient lighting to new levels.

The project is being undertaken through a new $7.5 billion joint venture with Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems at three R&D centers in Germany, Shanghai and Michigan. Though the idea of color-changing interior panels is still in the concept phase, it's being envisioned – alongside stronger odor filters – particularly for car-sharing programs that could better manage the rotation from one driver to the next.

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