China's Haval readying Local Motors Rally Fighter knockoff

  • Image Credit: Ford
By now, it's clear that the Chinese auto industry has shown us a demonstrated will (if not necessarily the complete ability) to copy something that another automaker has made. In this case, the subject appears to be the Local Motors Rally Fighter.

Believe it or not, a Chinese automaker has actually filed to patent this clone of the Rally Fighter, a high-riding off-road sports car made in Arizona. Though the form and proportions clearly ape those of the Local Motors vehicle, the detailing appears to be different enough to stand apart.

The patent was apparently registered by Haval, a brand of Great Wall Motors, which is expected to reveal the finished product in December at the Guangzhou Motor Show. This wouldn't be the first time that Great Wall has copied other automakers' designs, having previously aped the Fiat Panda as well as several Toyota and Isuzu models. It probably won't be the last, either...

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